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Grega Repovs

Associate Professor


Dr. Grega Repovs graduated in Psychology at Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana in 1996. He was offered a position the same year as instructor in General psychology. In 1999 successfully completed masters thesis Semantic memory and visual attention in schizophrenia at Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. In 2002 Successfully defended Ph.D. dissertation titled: "Computational model of attentional deficits in schizophrenia". Dr. Repovs subsequently joined the Cognitive Control and Psychopathology Lab at Department of Psychology, Washington University in Saint Louis, USA as postdoctoral research fellow where he trained in functional connectivity approaches to study large scale neural systems via non-invasive neuroimaging. His main research interest are centered on cognitive neuroscience broadly, where he is striving to combine classical behavioral research with findings provided by computational science, neuroscience with modern methods of brain imaging, and cognitive neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry. His specific interests are in study of attention and cognitive control, working memory, semantic memory. His other research topics include spatial cognition and cognitive maps, crisis management and leadership, psychological consequences of coping with stress, cognitive theories of self and social reality. 

Education & Training

  • PhD
    University of Ljubljana (2002)