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Workshops on Career Development

Photo by Anthony DeCarlo

The OAPD offers a number of workshops for faculty. These are posted on the OAPD calendar of events and can be a great way to learn about different aspects of our academic world. Over time, we will work to capture portions of these to post as videos on the OAPD website as well.

If you would like one of these topics presented to a departmental group, please send an email to the OAPD office. These are workshops that are actively being developed, so please let us know if there are other topics you would like to hear about as well.

First Term Workshop Series

Our initial workshop series focuses on orienting faculty to their position and resources available to facilitate their success. These are run monthly on Wednesday afternoons. Topics include:

Orientation to faculty tracks and succeeding in academia: This workshop is an orientation for academic careers at YSM: considering individual goals and those of the department and school; understanding ranks, tracks, and terms limits; and balancing the academic missions.

Mentoring roles, responsibilities, and plans: This workshop focuses on how to identify mentors and define mentor/mentee expectations and responsibilities.

Optimizing web presence: This workshop reviews the importance of your profile page, how to optimize your digital footprint, and social medial considerations.

Teaching and education: This workshop considers how to best educate trainees (students, residents, and fellows), and highlights the importance of teaching evaluations as well as how to transform teaching activities into scholarship.

Describing academic identity: CV and CV Part 2: This workshop discusses how to best create and maintain your Yale CV, introduces CV builder in the Profile System, and gives an overview of Yale CV part 2.

Imposter complex and inner critic: This workshop highlights the importance of establishing a community of belonging, maximizing connectiveness, and overcoming the imposter complex as faculty become established members of the YSM community.

Clinical research: This workshop discusses tools available for clinical research, introduces YCCI and the IRB processes, and discusses clinical research considerations.

Time and boundary management: This workshop considers how to best balance and integrate the varied facets of work and work-life balance.

Feedback and performance review processes: This workshop provides guidance on how to seek out feedback, prepare for your year-end review, and start planning for the upcoming year.

Subsequent Workshop Series

The OAPD is also developing seminar topics for subsequent workshop series. Topics covered may include:

Diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity to identities

Professionalism and values-driven leadership

Finding and sustaining time for writing

Communication and negotiation skills

Work-life satisfaction and wellness

Individual development plans

IRB and research review processes

Building internal and external reputation

Identifying and responding to bias and discrimination

Giving effective feedback

Networking and collaborating

Varieties of scholarship

Interdisciplinary team science

Managing politics, power, difficult situations, and people

Departmental/School/University citizenship

Leadership Development and Professionalism Workshops and Programs

Furthering its goal of promoting professionalism and developing leaders at Yale School of Medicine, the OAPD offers programs and workshops focused on leadership development and professionalism.