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Adjunct Ranks

Adjunct faculty are scientists or others who are employed outside of the school but have a specific, mutually beneficial role to department programs.
Photo by Robert A. Lisak

These ranks are intended for the appointment of individuals whose interests, as well as those of the University, are served by their continuing in a professional capacity outside the University while teaching less than full time. Adjunct faculty members do not serve as the principal advisers of dissertations or vote on faculty appointments. With the approval of the chair and the dean or the dean's designate, they may become principal investigators of grants.

Appointments are made for terms of up to three years at the rank of assistant professor and five years at the rank of associate professor or professor. Request for faculty position and searches are not necessary for adjunct ranks.

Assistant Professor Adjunct

Terms for this track/rank are for up to three years and renewable without limit.

Appointment to assistant professor adjunct does NOT require presentation to a YSM A&P Committee or the BPO.

Appointment to this rank requires:

Reappointment to this rank requires: