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Not by the numbers

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2016 - Winter


Lunchtime painting becomes a break from the office. Na Li and Roshni Srivastava, researchers in cardiovascular medicine, were among about 30 Yale workers, ranging from postdocs at the School of Medicine to IT techs to administrative assistants, who spent a lunch break painting in August. Being Well at Yale sponsors the painting class as a way to ease the stress of the workplace.

“We’re looking for a creative way to encourage employees to step away from the office for a little bit, recharge, and reset,” said Lisa Kimmel, manager of Being Well at Yale. Art Plus Studio on Chapel Street hosts the once-a-month painting sessions. Rachel Rasfeld, an instructor at the studio, guided the painters through the process. “It’s like art therapy. We do a painting together, but the point is to relax,” Rasfeld said.

Click here to view a video on the lunchtime art class.

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