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Metabolism and Nutrition for the Surgical Patient, Part II

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2012 - Autumn


edited by Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D., professor emeritus of surgery (gastrointestinal); Juan A. Sanchez, M.D., MPA, HS ’93; and Ronald F. Martin, M.D. (Saunders) This book, part of The Clinics: Surgery series, discusses nutrition and metabolism for the chronically ill patient. Topics include nutritional management of geriatric surgical patients and patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis, surgical treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus, immunologic functions and aspects of the alimentary tract related to feeding, and enteral and parenteral feeding access techniques. The book discusses dietary, metabolic, and surgical management of obese patients as well as nutritional support of patients with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disorder.

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