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May 1954

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2004 - Summer


Alumni Bulletin

The Yale-New Haven Medical Center

“The Yale School of Medicine and the Grace-New Haven Community Hospital will expand their affiliated activities under a new program to be known as the ‘Yale-New Haven Medical Center.’ Both the School and Hospital will retain their independent corporate structures but will embark on a joint development program for care of patients and for medical research and teaching, thus providing southern New England with a major medical center similar in concept to the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City.

“The joint announcement of the medical center plans was made in February by President A. Whitney Griswold of Yale and President George S. Stevenson of the Hospital. They explained that the immediate objective of the Yale-New Haven Medical Center Plan would be the development of a program of public relations, fund raising promotion, and program development. ‘Experience of other great medical centers,’ they said, ‘shows that hospital and medical school functions and activities cannot be separated when presenting programs to the public. Strengthening and support of one of the partners materially assists the other.’

“Hiram Sibley has been appointed Director of Program Development for the new medical center. Mr. Sibley is an authority on hospital finance and has served as Executive Director of the Connecticut Hospital Association since 1948.”