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Match 2015

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2014 - Autumn


A few minutes after noon on Friday, March 20, the Harkness ballroom reverberated with screams of delight, high fives, fist bumps, and hugs as members of the Class of 2015 learned where they’d be spending the next few years in their residencies. The 107 students in this year’s graduating class are among the more than 41,000 residency applicants who made this year’s match the largest ever, according to the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). The NRMP attributes the growth—more than 600 over last year—on rising medical school enrollments and the establishment of new medical schools. Almost 17,000 students matched to first-year positions, with 51.6 percent matching to their first choice.

California emerged as a popular destination among Yale students, with 23 headed there, many of them to hospitals in the University of California system. Massachusetts also lured 25 students to hospitals in Boston and Cambridge. Twenty six remained in New Haven at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The most popular specialty was internal medicine, with 24 students entering that field.

A complete list of the residencies follows.


St. Joseph’s Hospital (Barrow Neurological Institute), Phoenix
Jacob Baranoski, Neurosurgery


Alameda County Medical Center, Oakland
Serene Chen, Emergency Medicine

Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, Oakland
Carina Martin, Medicine-Preliminary

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose
Changhyun Kim, Transitional

Stanford University Programs
Jennifer Quon, Neurosurgery
Kai Swenson, Internal Medicine
James Tooley, General Surgery
Chen Wang, Dermatology
Xiao Yan Wang, Internal Medicine

UCLA Medical Center
Esther Park, Diagnostic Radiology
Kyle Ragins, Emergency Medicine

UCLA Medical Center–Olive View Program, Sylmar
Esther Park, Medicine-Preliminary

University of California–San Diego
Raghav Badrinath, Orthopaedic Surgery
Austin Weiss, Pediatrics

University of California–San Francisco
Andre Alcon, Plastic Surgery (Integrated)
Christopher Bartley, Psychiatry
Remy Bizimungu, Emergency Medicine
Erik Geiger, Orthopaedic Surgery
Jennifer Guo, Psychiatry
Sasha Gupta, Neurology
Billy Lockhart, Psychiatry
Carina Martin, Dermatology
Gladys Rodriguez, Internal Medicine
Emily Thomas, Internal Medicine / Primary Care
Amanda Wallace, Psychiatry
Jessica Wang, Internal Medicine / Primary Care


Greenwich Hospital
Olga Laur, Medicine-Preliminary

University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington
David Kull, Surgery-Preliminary

Yale-New Haven Hospital
Preetpaul Bagi, Orthopaedic Surgery
Aditi Balakrishna, Medicine-Preliminary
Zev Balsen, Emergency Medicine
Allison Campbell, Medicine-Preliminary, Radiation Oncology
Uma Deshmukh, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nkemka Esiobu, Psychiatry
Caroline Falker, Internal Medicine
Louis Fazen, Internal Medicine / Primary Care
Samir Gautam, Internal Medicine / Physician Scientist
Abhijeet Gummadavelli, Neurosurgery
Stefan Gysler, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Eileen Harder, Medicine-Preliminary, Radiation Oncology
Nour Kibbi, Medicine-Preliminary, Dermatology
Roger Kim, Internal Medicine
Natalie Lastra, Psychiatry
Brian Letzen, Diagnostic Radiology
Alexander Luryi, Otolaryngology
Benjamin MacDougall, Medicine-Preliminary
Regina Nagarajan, Psychiatry
Allen Nicholson, Orthopaedic Surgery
Crystal Piper, Diagnostic Radiology
Sebastian Urday, Medicine-Preliminary
Rebecca Vitale, Medicine / Pediatrics
Ruth Wang’ondu, Medicine / Pediatrics
Maryam Yeganegi, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Preliminary
Mojun Zhu, Internal Medicine

Yale-New Haven Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury
Brian Letzen, Medicine-Preliminary


Rush University Medical Center, Chicago
Bryce Basques, Orthopaedic Surgery
Daniel Bohl, Orthopaedic Surgery


Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
Deepak Atri, Internal Medicine
Vicki Zhu Jun Bing, Anesthesiology
Yong Han, Postdoctoral Associate
Joseph Heng, Internal Medicine
Ken Hui, Internal Medicine

University of Maryland/Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore
Vicki Zhu Jun Bing, Medicine-Preliminary


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Juliet Gibson, Medicine-Preliminary
Bilal Siddiqui, Internal Medicine

Boston University Medical Center
Songprod Lorgunpai, Internal Medicine
Jonathan Santiago, Emergency Medicine

Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston
Thomas Gilliland, Internal Medicine
Dan Gong, Medicine-Preliminary
Idil Kore, Internal Medicine
Olga Laur, Diagnostic Radiology
Luke Pike, Radiation Oncology
Joome Suh, Neurology
Sebastian Urday, Neurology
Andrew Young, Neurology

Cambridge Health Alliance Program
Sakil Chundydyal, Psychiatry

Children’s Hospital of Boston
Emily Bucholz, Pediatrics
Jia Liu, Pediatrics/Anesthesiology

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Aditi Balakrishna, Anesthesiology
Jessica Becker, Pediatrics / Psychiatry-Adult & Child
Akash Gupta, Medicine / Pediatrics
Rabeea Khan, Anesthesiology
Geoffrey Liu, Psychiatry
Benjamin MacDougall, Anesthesiology
Luke Pike, Medicine-Preliminary
Joome Suh, Medicine-Preliminary/Neurology
Risa Wong, Internal Medicine
Andrew Young, Medicine-Preliminary/Neurology


St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Program, Ann Arbor
Ryan Aronberg, Transitional
Katherine Davis, Transitional

University of Michigan Hospitals–Ann Arbor
Ryan Aronberg, Diagnostic Radiology
Rohan Bhandari, Internal Medicine
Jason Brown, Internal Medicine
Katherine Davis, Ophthalmology
Xin He, Internal Medicine
Yu Cheng Zhao, Ophthalmology


Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Rochester) Program
Chung Sang Tse, Internal Medicine

University of Minnesota Program, Minneapolis
Yushane Shih, Orthopaedic Surgery


Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis
Chi-Joan How, Internal Medicine


Hospital for Special Surgery
Jordan Gruskay, Orthopaedic Surgery

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Crystal Piper, Surgery-Preliminary

Icahn School of Medicine at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center
Rabeea Khan, Medicine-Preliminary

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Adriana Blakaj, Transitional
Eric Brooks, Transitional

New York Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia
Harry Chang, Internal Medicine
Dan Gong, Ophthalmology
Jean Lopez, Neurology
Joshua Motelow, Pediatrics
Eric Venker, Internal Medicine

New York Presbyterian Hospital–Columbia & Cornell
Apoorva Tewari, Otolaryngology

New York University School of Medicine
Summer Paradise, Psychiatry / Neurology


Duke University Medical Center, Durham
Jacquelyn Hancock, Internal Medicine


Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Susan Combs, Internal Medicine


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Barbara Chaiyachati, Pediatrics
Anna Duncan, Pediatrics
Matthew Marr, Pediatrics

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Adam Kaufman, Otolaryngology
Lauren Krumeich, General Surgery

Lankenau Medical Center Program, Wynnewood
Yu Cheng Zhao, Medicine-Preliminary

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Caroline Albert, Pediatrics
Changhyun Kim, Dermatology


Greenville Health System/University of South Carolina Program
Victoria Tate, Surgery-Preliminary


Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nicholas Golinvaux, Orthopaedic Surgery


The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston
Eric Brooks, Radiation Oncology

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Program, Dallas
Juliet Gibson, Dermatology


University of Virginia Program
Moustafa Moustafa, General Surgery


University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle
Adriana Blakaj, Radiation Oncology
Alexander Kula, Pediatrics
Chen Wang, Medicine-Preliminary

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