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Good news, bad news

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2002 - Spring


We found ourselves on the receiving end of a brief flood of opinions this spring from readers who found our new typeface too small. “Your format is great—it will win awards, but not from your senior readers. One needs a magnifying glass to read it,” wrote George R. Barnes, M.D. ’47, HS ’50, of Tucson, Ariz., one of a half-dozen readers who weighed in on the topic.

Dr. Barnes was right on both counts. In April, Yale Medicine won the silver medal for best magazine and bronze medal for Visual Design in Print from the 23,500-member Council on Advancement in Support of Education. The category in which we were judged was special-interest magazines, which includes entries from graduate and professional schools nationally. These honors follow the Award of Excellence granted last November by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the group’s highest level of recognition. But regardless of these glories, it is also true that Yale Medicine is hard to read for many in our audience. To address this, we are tuning up the type for better legibility in time for the Summer issue.

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