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From “Fifteen years of Growth: Yale Medicine 1952-1967" in the Spring 1967 issue:

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2002 - Spring


“Speaking at the Yale Alumni Meeting in St. Louis in January this year, Dean [Vernon] Lippard noted: ‘When Whitney Griswold invited me to take on the deanship (in 1952), he pointed out a number of problems that had to be faced, and I soon discovered others. The physical plant had many deficiencies; the relationship with the Grace-New Haven Hospital, as it was then called, was cordial but needed definition; the clinical departments did not, in general, measure up to the preclinical; the Department of Public Health was seriously undernourished; and there was, as there still is, need for more financial support for operation. On the other hand, there were assets that money could not buy—association with a great university; a glorious tradition; a faculty that, although thin in spots, was loyal and devoted; and a brilliant group of students.’ ”

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From “Research in Molecular Biology," Winter 1970: