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Fall/Winter 1983

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2004 - Spring


Yale Medicine

“The John B. Pierce Foundation Laboratory celebrated its 50th anniversary on November 4th, and paid tribute to Dr. A. Pharo Gagge, fellow emeritus. Dr. Gagge has been a member of the Laboratory’s scientific staff since it was founded in 1933 to conduct research and educational programs ‘for the increase of knowledge to the end that the general hygiene and comfort of human beings and their habitations may be advanced.’

“Dr. C.E.-A. Winslow was appointed the first director of the Laboratory while he was chairman of the Yale Department of Public Health, and he retained both offices until his retirement in 1945. Under his leadership, and that of subsequent directors, the Laboratory has gained worldwide recognition for its many significant contributions to the field of environmental physiology. In recent years of energy shortages and increasing pollution production, their work has assumed added importance as governments seek a balance between energy conservation and a healthful environment.

“The close relationship between the Pierce Laboratory and the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health has continued. …”

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