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Biomedical engineer named to IOM

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2014 - Autumn


Mark Saltzman, Ph.D., the Goizueta Foundation Professor and chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been elected to the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Saltzman is a pioneer in the fields of drug delivery, biomaterials, nanobiotechnology, and tissue engineering.

Saltzman’s research on drug delivery, biomaterials, nanobiotechnology, and tissue engineering has been described in more than 250 research papers, two edited books, and 15 patents. Biomaterials named his work among the top 25 papers published by the journal over the past 25 years; he has also delivered over 260 invited lectures throughout the world.

Saltzman is the founding chair of Yale’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and sole author of the textbooks Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering, and Drug Delivery. His achievements in the classroom have been recognized throughout his career, with teaching awards from Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Yale, as well as the Distinguished Lecturer Award from the Biomedical Engineering Society.

Election to the IOM is one of the highest honors in medicine. The IOM was established by the National Academy of Sciences in 1970. It is both an honorific body and an advisory organization concerned with the protection and advancement of the health professions and sciences, the promotion of research and development pertinent to health, and the improvement of healthcare. IOM members contribute their knowledge and professional judgment on healthcare and health policy to the development of findings and the formulation of recommendations for lawmakers, health professionals, and the public.

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