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An at-home test for glaucoma

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2000 - Summer


A postdoctoral fellow in ophthalmology, Marcio Marc Abreu, M.D., has designed a new device that allows patients to test themselves at home for glaucoma, an eye disorder which can lead to blindness. Currently, detection of glaucoma requires a visit to the eye doctor. “There is the potential to completely change the way glaucoma is treated, diagnosed and monitored,” said Abreu. “The technology allows for a completely automated system without the need for any drops to anesthetize the eye for measurement. And the whole system is affordable.”

Abreu’s system, which has been licensed to a private company for development, does not require direct contact with the eye, which is necessary for current test procedures. Patients with glaucoma will be able to check their own condition at home as frequently as needed. “The device,” said Abreu, “is planned to provide the doctor with a whole history of pressure changes when the patient is not in the doctor’s office.”

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