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A slight for sore eyes?

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2002 - Spring


Apropos of the letter from John Mahoney, M.D. ’00, in the Winter 2002 issue, I’m gratified that he, as a young person, pointed out the difficulty of reading the small print in the magazine. The magazine itself is very attractive, but we needed a magnifying glass to read much of it. Also, in our age group many of us have painful arthritis in the hands, and the stiff cover as well as stiff binding and stiffer (than in old format) pages make it hard to turn the pages. Miserere nobis. …


Laura Neville, M.D. ’46
John Neville, M.D. ’46
Cotuit, Mass.

Amen, amen and amen to John Mahoney’s comments regarding the size of the print in Yale Medicine. On the other side, thank you for using adequate contrast between the print and the colored background.

Edna May Klutas, M.P.H. ’57
Newville, Penn.

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