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A powerful legacy

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2023 (Issue 170) 100 Years of Pediatrics
by Adrian Bonenberger


In 1921, when Yale School of Medicine (YSM) founded the Department of Pediatrics, a growing body of medical and scientific knowledge had begun to indicate that children required treatment and care that differed from that accorded to adults. YSM’s new department established itself as a national leader in the field.

Over the years, the work that pediatricians have done with children, the research pediatricians have led into conditions and diseases, and medicine’s understanding of how those conditions change over time and connect with adult disorders have transformed what is possible for many people.

YSM’s pediatricians have been at the center of many of those transformations, and this issue should serve as a testimony to the efforts of faculty and staff over the years to advance pediatric medicine.

Adrian Bonenberger
Editor, Yale Medicine Magazine

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