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2001 - 5th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2006 - Autumn


On Friday afternoon, the graduates of the Class of 2001 met at the reception in the Historical Library, where we mingled with current faculty, including former Special Assistant to the Dean Larry Cohen and Director of Admissions Richard Silverman, as well as with many of our reuniting classmates. Afterward we came together for seafood delights and musical fun at the New England clambake held at Harkness dormitory. We were happy to hear that “Club Med,” the weekly social event started by our class almost eight years ago, is still a popular gathering point for students and faculty colleagues.

For most of the crew, Saturday began with a tour of the Anlyan Center for Medical Research and Education. The construction of this building during our latter days at Yale certainly seems to be worth the investment. For many, the highlight of the tour was a visit to the anatomy laboratory, hosted by none other than Bill Stewart, Ph.D. The new anatomy teaching format is truly an interactive experience, featuring computer stations alongside each cadaver. The stations are equipped to guide students through clinical vignettes, radiographic correlative images and the anatomical dissection from a surgical perspective. We really have come a long way from our days of using just a Grant’s dissector!

The fun continued that evening at the alumni gathering held at the Graduate Club, where we mingled and recalled our Yale experiences and memories alongside graduates of decades ago. Having our own room in the back, we turned it into a makeshift Mory’s night and celebrated with great food, stories of past and present and jokes about a guy named Pedro.

Hany Bedair is currently entering his penultimate year in orthopaedic surgery in Pittsburgh. Carmit and George Archibald traveled from New York City, where Carmit is an attending physician in obstetrics and gynecology. Fred Aslan just graduated from Harvard Business School and is moving to New York City to work for a medical venture capital firm. The Boston group included Dan Hoit, who is in his fifth year of a six-year neurosurgery residency; Brian Lester, who just joined a busy dermatology practice; and Andrea Ciaranello, who is doing a fellowship in infectious diseases. Also representing Boston was Jessica Mega and her husband, Nick Walsch, J.D., and Sandeep Bansal and wife Ruby. Jessica is doing a cardiology fellowship, and Sandeep is performing research prior to starting fellowship training in cardiology. Sharon Chekijianand Aaron Covey made the short trip to the reunion Friday night. Both are residents in New Haven, in emergency medicine and orthopaedics, respectively.

Those coming from far, far away included José J. Miranda, who is entering his chief residency year in orthopaedic surgery with the U.S. Army in Augusta, Ga., and M. Vaughn Emerson, who is about to enter his second year of a two-year fellowship in retinal care in Portland, Ore.

José J. Miranda