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1997 - 10th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Autumn


The Class of 1997 had a great showing for its tenth reunion, including what appeared to be about 59 children between the ages of 0 and 6. Lobsters and oysters delighted the folks at the clam bake, including Julie MacRae, up from her plastic surgery practice in Delaware, and Jaimie (completing what he assures us is his final fellowship) and Amy (one of several happy pediatricians in attendance) Nathan from Cincinnati. Max and Rachel (Rapaport) Kelz brought their brood, including future alligator wrestler Zeke, from Philly, where Max now gets paid to put people to sleep and Rachel works and teaches in the OR. Dan and Lesley Wolf also came from Philadelphia with adorable children. Brigitte Kerpsack, fresh off an NYC pediatrics accolade, came from New York, as did Tony and Juliet Aizer with munchkin in tow, Nina and Lou Fisher, and even busy neurosurgeon Nirit Weiss. Jason Gold attended with wife Ann, while former world-class fencer James Boren continues to show mastery of all objects pointy as he regaled classmates with tales of new urologic techniques. Jim and Eileen O’Holleran brought one of three children from Massachusetts, while Dan (Med. ’98) and Barb McGee Coughlin brought their two from Rhode Island. Matt Klein and Bob and Andrea Kalus from Seattle and Jerry O’ Regan from Boston could only marvel at their fertile colleagues. Jon Grauer, Eric Fan, Kristina Crothers and Mark Skirgaudas entertained us with stories of their exploits in and around the New Haven area. Sarah Nikiforow was able to break away from Yale-New Haven Hospital toward the end of the dinner to show off pics of her own beautiful tyke. The group finished Saturday night at Richter’s, struggling to come up with unused synonyms for the word “kid.”

Robert Kalus

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