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1977 - 30th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Autumn


New Haven weather on Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2, cooperated nicely, enabling a smaller but energetic group of members of the Class of 1977 to gather, exchange news and take in the changes and growth on Cedar Street, the rest of the Yale campus and downtown New Haven in general. We owe special thanks to Bob Hand, who has set up a website and repository for class news, biographies and photos, and to Ricky Schneider, who ably communicated receipt of new information in almost real time during the weeks and months leading to our reunion. All classmates and friends are welcome to visit our site,; click on the fox, enter user ID harkness and password esophagoose.

In addition to golf, tours, lectures and similar events, Alan Penziner recounted a serendipitous venture on Saturday with other classmates into the Historical Library, where one of the librarians took him and his group into a little-known side office housing artifacts and books from the personal collection of Harvey Cushing. The visitors were so impressed that the Alumni Office was contacted and will try to arrange tours of this collection on subsequent reunion weekends.

Our class dinner took place Saturday night at Sage (formerly the Chart House), right on the water at the end of Howard Avenue overlooking Long Island Sound and the entrance to the New Haven harbor. During that afternoon’s library tour, some classmates were able to recover copies of our class’s original (fall 1973) individual photos, which they brought to and circulated at the dinner, reminding us of classmates we hadn’t heard from in a while; of how little those of us at the reunion had really changed; and perhaps most importantly, of how fleeting was the period from 1973 to 2007.

Attending for all or part of the weekend were: Marcia ClarkArem, Wayne Barber and Sharon Nelson-Barker, Diane Barnes, Harriet Comite and Alan Geltman, Alissa and Jim Fox, Julia Frank, Attilio Granata and Claudia Dinan, Bob Hand and Marianne Lynch, Bob Mitchell, Alan Penziner and Paula Cohen, Rachel Ritvo and Steven Beckman, Steve Scheinman, Wendy and Ricky Schneider, Gail Sullivan, Polly Thomas and Rick Bell, and Sharon Weinstein.

Attilio V. Granata

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