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1972 - 35th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Autumn


Our 35th reunion, attended by 13 classmates and 10 spouses, was truly memorable. As was the case for our 20th, Jerry and Roz Meyer hosted a fabulous dinner at their magnificent waterfront estate in Guilford. The “official” dinner on Saturday was held at the Quinnipiack Club.

Attending were Phil Rothfield, who is “easing back” on his radiology practice and summering on Bantam Lake. Lenny Cohen continues his part-time GI practice and also spends time as a financial consultant. He was in good form as an avid lap swimmer. He was accompanied by wife Linda. Felix Freshwater brought his laptop with pictures of the second-year class show! Bob Glassman’s new hobby is photographic restoration. He and Louise have four sons, one of whom is a theoretical physicist. Bruce Haak has retired as chief of neurology at the Hospital of St. Raphael in New Haven. He and Valerie summer in Connecticut and winter in Walnut Creek, Calif. Fred Henretig, attending with Marnie, continues in pediatrics but also participated in relief efforts during the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Phil Liebowitz, attending with Susan, is director of clinical research in anesthesiology at Montefiore Hospital in New York and has recently aspired to golf and piano. Jerry Meyer, having retired from psychiatry, is a seasoned artist and has a solo show opening in Chelsea this year. Gary Strauss, attending with Meda, runs the oncology fellowship at Tufts. Phil Cohen, attending with Annie Hall, will soon be serenading Anne with his new Steinway piano. Bob Goodman practices orthopedics in Durango, Colo. Frank Kahr, attending with Katherine, is a competitive rower and singly sculled from Albany to the George Washington Bridge. John Fulkerson attended the Saturday lunch.

Cell phone calls were placed to Tom Converse following his touching regrets letter, and to Harry Malech, who had a keynote speaking address in Seattle. Plans were initiated for major recruitment of attendance at our upcoming 40th.

Bruce Haak

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