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1962 - 45th Reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2007 - Autumn


The 2007 reunion weekend celebration—the 45th anniversary of our graduation from Yale Medical School—was a classic mix of all we might have asked for. The Friday night outdoor reception on the lawn at Harkness Medical Dorm was casual, comfortable and complete with, among other things, delicious grilled fresh lobster and oysters on the half shell. Inside seating at Harkness was elected by most but a few chose the tents, which proved to be secure as well as dry; in fact, pleasant.

Bruce Elfenbein and wife Christine, and Joe Ferrone and wife Pat were able to make only this one-day portion of the weekend because of commitments elsewhere, but enjoyed the evening every bit as much as the rest of us. This group consisted of Fred Cantor, Charlie Carl and wife Diane, John and Trudy Harrington, Walt Karney, Manny and Marcia Lipson, Bill and Ann Miller, and Dick and Peggy Pschirrer. Many of us also had the pleasure of spending time over the weekend with Stew and Emily Wright, who were here for his 50th Yale College reunion.

Saturday activities included lectures on forefront scientific medical research at the Medical School as well as the Dean’s address regarding his appraisal of the medical school in 2007. To the point, it was very upbeat … highest number of applicants per year, excellent yield (acceptances) and a rapidly growing medical school endowment (distinct from the general Yale University endowment). He remarked specifically that the Yale system is still intact, working to the continued satisfaction of all, with only minor tweaks in the last 45 years.

A pleasant highlight for many of us Saturday night was the class dinner held at the New Haven Lawn Club in the private dining room on the first floor. This was attended by Fred and Anita Anderson, Dick and Lucie Collins, Arnie and Nancy Eisenfeld, John German, and Alan and Rhona Lieberson in addition to those already mentioned.

The food and wine were quite good, the service of the staff was efficient, pleasant and congenial … but the after-dinner standing and voluntary comments by virtually everyone present, men and women, will be remembered above all. Friendly and intimate warmth, but especially the sincerity and candor of all, were remarkable in the discussion of careers and lives to date. As the evening concluded, there was a sense of pleasurable togetherness, which I feel will be long remembered.

Dick Pschirrer

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