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1945 - 60th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2005 - Autumn


Although time and tide and the vagaries of advancing years have diminished the numbers and vigor of this class, we had a splendid turnout, attracting more attendees than some classes junior to us.

Making the trip to New Haven were John and Betty Anlyan (basking in the glory of the greatest gift ever to the School of Medicine), Dick and Verne Breck (appropriately enjoying the reunion they orchestrated), Sandy Cockerell (with son Dr. Charles and lovely history professor daughter-in-law Karen), Dick Dyer (white-haired but otherwise unchanged since his glory days),Sid Feverstein (looking tanned and terrific), Ray and Pat Gagliardi (still the prettiest girl who found her husband in the air raid shelter in the library), Bill and Marj Jenney (he is the dignified and impressive doctor type), Lee and Barbara Jones (no one had a more gorgeous caregiver than Barb), Mike and Geri Lau (upbeat and optimistic and just plain fun), Charlie and Laura McLean (with daughter Patti, who has inherited the best from both—Charlie introduced me to my lifelong addiction to golf). Our best surprise was Gove Hambidge, who was attending his first-ever reunion and had a great time. Gove still practices psychiatry full time in Golden Valley, Minn.

We shared the spectacular clambake dinner and sherry lunch; we toured the magnificent Anlyan Center and felt vicariously the pleasure that the donor was one of us; we took a tour of historic New Haven and heard some really informative lectures. Possibly the best was hearing from the new dean. He seems to be the right man in the right job at the right time. The city, the university and the medical school campus have made tremendous strides since last reunion. The future looks great.

Far and away the best of all, however, was the warm camaraderie of our group. It was almost as if it was June 1942, and we were young again. Our next reunion will be in 2010 and Gove has already committed to come. I hope the rest will do the same.

Ray Gagliardi