1973 - 35th Reunion

Among those who made the pilgrimage were Marv Chassin and wife Barbara, now in Phoenix, where Marv practices oncology. Marvin Miller is the class geneticist; he came from Dayton, Ohio, with wife and children. Sesh Cole and wife Pat came from St. Louis, where Sesh is in pediatrics at Washington University. They left the next day for Dartmouth’s graduation. John Brown has retired from his surgical practice in Vancouver, Washington, and spends time in Mexico and Florida; he noted that John Jr. has presented him with grandchildren. Chris (Kull) Walsh arrived from New York with husband Sean. Chris is a pediatric cardiologist at Einstein and has a daughter in her own training program. Harry Romanowitz and wife Sheila drove up from Stamford, Conn., where Harry practices pediatrics. Doug Maddox and wife Kathryn flew in from Atlanta, where Doug is ENT chair at Emory.

On Saturday, Joe Eichenbaum, who practices ophthalmology at Mt. Sinai, and wife Ingrid joined us. Randy Zusman came from Boston; he has been at Mass. General since graduation.Tom Sweeney and Jim Sullivan were both in attendance, representing surgery and medicine in the New Haven community. Rick Young attended, fresh from his third tour of duty in Iraq. Rick is a pediatric neurologist and chair of pediatrics at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven. Neil Handel attended by phone, unable to make it from Los Angeles where he is a plastic surgeon and the proud father of three young children. I am a gastroenterologist in Dallas, run a colon cancer research laboratory, and still work on my medical school thesis.

We swapped tales about family and professional activities, tried to exchange information about those who weren’t there, and made up what we didn’t know for certain. We have produced two deans (Lee Goldman at Columbia and Dave Bailey at UC Irvine); several department chairs (George Lister in pediatrics at Southwestern Medical Center, Bob Buchholz, who just stepped down from orthopaedics at Southwestern, Jerry Rosenbaum in psychiatry at Mass. General, and probably more); and many division chiefs and other academic leaders. We look forward to seeing more of you at future reunions.

Richard Boland

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