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Grants and contracts awarded to Yale School of Medicine

Medicine@Yale, 2009 - Jan Feb


March/April 2008


  • Amy Arnsten, NIH, Molecular and Cellular Basis of Cognitive Aging in Prefrontal Cortical Networks, 5 years, $9,114,359
  • Sanjay Basu, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Mathematically Modeling Transmission and Control of Extensively Drug Resistant (XDR) Tuberculosis, 1 year, $37,338
  • Jeffrey Bender, NIH, Molecular Models of Estrogen-Induced Vascular Protection, 4 years, $1,489,219
  • Madhavi Bhoomagoud, NIH, Effect of Acidosis on Pancreatitis, 2 years, $113,404
  • Daniel Biemesderfer, NIH, ADAM 10-Activated Signaling in Proximal Tubule, 2 years, $398,063
  • Robert Camp, NIH, Novel Methods to Localize Protein–Protein Interactions in Fixed Cells and Tissues, 2 years, $409,472
  • Lawrence Cohen, NIH, Optical Studies of Neuron Activity and Organization, 5 years, $1,406,132
  • Robert Constable, NIH, Upgrade of the Yale 3T Trio Imaging System, 1 year, $500,000
  • Jonathan Dranoff, NIH, Regulation of Hepatic Stellate Cells by Extracellular Nucleotides, 4 years, $1,406,486
  • Rachael Felberbaum, NIH, Sumo Regulation of mRNA Surveillance, 2 years, $59,654
  • Biff Forbush, NIH, Function and High-Resolution Structure of an APC Superfamily Amino Acid Transporter, 2 years, $454,969
  • Nao Gamo, NIH, Role of cAMP and HCN Channels in Stress-Induced Prefrontal Dysfunction, 3 years, $122,916
  • Thomas Gill, NIH, Research Training in Disability and Disabling Disorders, 5 years, $903,900
  • Erol Gulcicek, NIH, LTQ Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer for Yale University Keck Laboratory, 1 year, $500,000
  • Mark Hochstrasser, NIH, Functions and Mechanisms of Deubiquitinating Enzymes, 4 years, $1,410,256
  • Se-Te Huang, NIH, The Role of Decidual Innate Immunity in the Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia, 5 years, $1,751,506
  • Paula Kavathas, NIH, Molecular Analysis of CD8 MHC Class I Interaction, 5 years, $1,424,846
  • Ami Klin, NIH, Mechanisms of Social Engagement in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 5 years, $12,416,543
  • Robert LaMotte, NIH, Neurophysiology of Pain Adaptation and Hyperalgesia, 4 years, $2,032,913
  • Haiqun Lin, NIH, Assessing Intervention Effectiveness in Longitudinal Trials of Antipsychotic Medicines, 2 years, $390,206
  • Jennifer Long, NIH, Determining the Molecular Mechanisms of Vascular Sympathetic Innervation, 3 years, $109,530
  • Mark Mamula, NIH, Post-Translational Modifications in Tolerance and Autoimmunity, 5 years, $2,068,438
  • Robert Means, NIH, Modulation of DC-SIGN and DC-SIGNR by KSHV, 5 years, $1,697,944
  • I. George Miller, NIH, Studies of Epstein-Barr Virus, 5 years, $2,353,798
  • Walther Mothes, NIH, Cell Biology of Retrovirus Replication, 5 years, $957,794
  • Stephanie O’Malley and Ralitza Gueorguieva, NIH, Trajectories of Drinking and Compliance in the COMBINE Study, 3 years, $572,299
  • Marina Picciotto, NIH, Anatomical Basis for Nicotine Addiction, 5 years, $1,778,875
  • Jordan Pober, NIH, Proteins of the Endothelial Cell Surface, 4 years, $1,846,876
  • George Richerson, NIH, Non-Vesicular GABA Release via GABA Transporter Reversal, 4 years, $1,323,583
  • Ayano Satoh, NIH, The Role of Phosphorylation of a COPII Coat Protein, Sec31, in Molecular Export, 2 years, $135,625
  • William Sessa, NIH, Phosphorylation and Endothelial Nitric Oxide Production, 4 years, $1,654,583
  • Robert Sherwin, NIH, Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center, 5 years, $8,339,144
  • Mark Shlomchik, NIH, Investigating Novel Memory B Cell-Specific Genes Using Fluorescent Reporter Mice, 2 years, $454,917
  • Mario Strazzabosco, NIH, Epithelial Angiogenic Signaling in Polycystic Diseases of the Liver, 5 years, $1,323,667
  • Nancy Suchman, NIH, Parenting Intervention and Assessment with Substance Abusing Mothers, 5 years, $906,639
  • Mary Tinetti, NIH, Death as a Multi-Factorial Cumulative Health Event in Older Adults, 2 years, $542,567
  • Christian Tschudi, NIH, Analysis of the Trypanosoma brucei Genome Using Tiling Arrays, 2 years, $165,417
  • Agnes Vignery, NIH, XCT Research SA Plus pQCT Scanner, 1 year, $129,275
  • Jiou Wang, NIH, Mechanism of SOD1-Linked ALS Studied in C. elegans and Mouse Models, 2 years, $180,000
  • Ying Xia, NIH, Hypoxia and Neuronal Excitability: Cellular Mechanisms, 5 years, $1,759,222
  • Yong Xiong, NIH, Structural Studies of HIV Vif and its Cellular Binding Partners, 2 years, $441,140
  • Heping Zhang, NIH, Analysis of Genomic Data for Complex Traits, 4 years, $1,327,549


  • Ali Abu-Alfa, Roche Laboratories, Inc., A Model of Compensated and Regulated Living Kidney Donation: Successes and Shortcomings, 1 month, $2,000
  • Elizabeth Bradley, Foundation for Professional Development, Executive Management Program for Women in the Health Sector, 1 year, $1,500
  • Peter Charpentier, The Johns Hopkins University, Experience Corps Trial: Improving Health of Older Populations through Generativity, 3 months, $14,022
  • Jonathan Choy, International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, Regulation of iNOS Expression in Human T Cells; Role of SDF-1, 1 year, $40,000
  • Miguel Coca-Prados, University of Arizona, University of Arizona Eye Tissue Work, 1 year, $7,500
  • Kelly Cosgrove, Peter F. McManus Charitable Trust, Regulatory Effects of Chronic Ethanol Consumption on the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (nAChR) in Brain Using [¹²³I]5-IA-85380 ([¹²³I]5-IA) and SPECT Imaging in Nonhuman Primates, 1 year, $50,000
  • Joseph Craft, Rheuminations, Inc., Characterization of Pathogenic T Cells in Murine and Human Lupus, 3 years, $360,000
  • Marie Egan, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Bone Marrow Progenitor Cells: Potential Use in CF, 2 years, $194,400
  • Matia Finn-Stevenson, State of CT Dept. of Education, Connecticut Family Resource Center Program Evaluation Study 2008–2009, 15 months, $150,000
  • Romina Fiorotto, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Experimental Cell Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis-Cholangiopathy, 2 years, $86,400
  • Richard Flavell, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Int’l, Memory CD8 T Cells in T1D and TGF-Beta, 3 years, $495,000; Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Int’l, JDRF Center for Developing Immune Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes, 5 years, $7,660,655
  • Hoby Hetherington, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, MR Spectroscopy to Evaluate Liver Repopulation by Transplanted Hepatocytes, 1 year, $9,000
  • Natalia Ivanova, Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation, Genome-Wide Functional Analysis of Molecular Pathways that Control Pluripotency in Human Embryonic Stem Cells, 1 year, $60,000
  • Leonard Kaczmarek, FRAXA Research Foundation, Regulation of FMRP-Slack Potassium Channel Interactions by Metabotrophic Glutamate, 1 year, $60,000
  • Michael Krauthammer, SAIC-Frederick, Inc., Adoption of caTISSUE, 9 months, $173,745
  • John Krystal, Hartford Hospital, Exposure, D-Cycloserine Enhancement, and Genetic Modulators in Panic Disorder, 1 year, $92,505
  • Paul Lombroso, American Health Assistance Foundation, The Role of STEP in Alzheimer’s Disease, 3 years, $400,000
  • Sukanya Narasimhan, L2 Diagnostics, LLC, Tick Midgut Thrombin Inhibitor as a Vaccine Target, 1 year, $95,990
  • George Richerson, Children’s Hospital, (Boston), The Ventral Medulla and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, 1 year, $1,703,675
  • Nancy Ruddle, Nat’l Multiple Sclerosis Society, MOG Expression in Lymphoid Organs: Regulation and Functional Consequences, 3 years, $551,615
  • Alessandro Santin, Institute of Advanced Health, New Therapeutic Strategies Based on Studies of Tumor Microenvironment and New Targets Identified Through Proteomic and Genomic Profile Analysis, 1 year, $77,064; Institute of Advanced Health, The Molecular Genetics of Neoplastic Pharmacoresistance and Oncogenesis, 1 year, $179,251
  • Dominik Schenten, Cancer Research Institute, Exploring the Tissue-Specific Functions of Toll-Like Receptors in Adaptive Immunity, 2 years, $85,000
  • Rashu Seth, Cancer Research Institute, Targeting High-Fidelity and Error-Prone DNA Repair Pathways, 3 years, $145,500
  • Matthew State, Regents of the University of California, A Genome Search for Autism Susceptibility Loci, 9 months, $251,366
  • Carin Van Gelder, New England Medical Center, Early EMS and ED Use of GIK for ACS: The IMMEDIATE Trial, 9 months, $217,322
  • Ligang Zhou, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Int’l, Amygdala Modifies Counter-Regulatory Hormone Response to Hypoglycemia, 2 years, $101,096
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