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A farewell: This is Medicine@Yale’s final issue

Medicine@Yale, 2022 - May June


A 17-year era ends


Seventeen years after it began, in 2005, publication of Medicine@Yale is coming to an end with this issue. We have evaluated how we can best bring you news about Yale School of Medicine, and determined that in 2022 there are different and more efficient ways to do that.

In place of this print publication, we look forward to focusing on digital platforms as our primary way to chronicle the accomplishments of our renowned and visionary scientists, to highlight institutional news, and to celebrate the donors whose contributions make so much of what this school achieves possible.

We will continue publishing Yale Medicine Magazine both in print and online, and also share the School of Medicine’s stories through the school’s homepage, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other online channels yet unimagined. We thank you for your readership, and your loyalty.

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