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Yale Investigators Are Recognized Among 100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America

September 16, 2020

Cell Mentor, an online resource from Cell Press and Cell Signaling Technology, has compiled a list of 100 inspiring Hispanic/Latinx scientists in America. The list, posted in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, includes four scientists affiliated with Yale: Daniel A. Colón-Ramos, PhD, Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology; Enrique M. De La Cruz, PhD, professor and chair of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MBB); Robert W. Fernández, PhD, a 2020 graduate of the MBB doctoral program; and Mónica Feliú-Mójer, PhD, training director for the Yale Ciencia Academy and director of communications and science outreach of ciencia Puerto Rico, a nonprofit affiliated with Yale University.

Submitted by Robert Forman on September 16, 2020