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Yale Cardiovascular Medicine Appoints New Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories

March 21, 2022
by Elisabeth Reitman

Yale Cardiovascular Medicine and the Heart and Vascular Center are pleased to announce that Dr. Jeptha P. Curtis has accepted the role of Medical Director of the Yale New Haven Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories and Director, Coronary Interventions for the Yale New Haven Health System. Jeptha is an associate professor of medicine who joined the Yale faculty in 2004. In addition to his clinical and research responsibilities, he served as the inaugural Medical Director for Performance Improvement for the Heart and Vascular Center. In that role, he successfully led numerous initiatives designed to enhance the delivery of care across YNHHS.

Dr. Curtis is a superb clinician, accomplished investigator, outstanding teacher, and nurturing mentor whose excellent interventional cardiology technical expertise and cardiovascular outcomes research has advanced patient care both locally and globally.

He received his undergraduate degree at Yale and medical education at Columbia. Upon completing internal medicine residency at Duke, he joined Yale Cardiovascular Medicine completing fellowships in cardiovascular medicine and interventional cardiology prior to joining the faculty in 2004.

An internationally recognized and productive clinician scientist, he has contributed to 250 peer-reviewed manuscripts. His research focuses on the intersection of invasive cardiology, novel technologies, and quality measurement. Since 2007, Jeptha has led the Registry Data Analytic Center housed within the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation. In that role, he has effectively managed the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) of the American College of Cardiology (ACC), a registry that comprises several national programs to assess the care of patients with cardiovascular diseases. The NCDR programs reach nearly all hospitals in the United States that perform cardiovascular procedures and include millions of patients. His successful track record of collaboration with the NCDR has led to important leadership opportunities at the national level, including as a senior scientific advisor and as Chair of the NCDR Metrics and Reporting Methodology Committee advancing its efforts to improve quality of care, publicly report hospital outcomes, and maximize the effect of registry-based research. Most recently, Jeptha was named the Chief Scientific Advisor of the American College of Cardiology’s National Cardiovascular Data Registry.

As Director, Jeptha will work with HVC leadership to oversee operations of the cardiac catheterization laboratories- focusing on updating infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency, leading quality improvement efforts, and advancing knowledge through scientific discovery. In addition, he will play a central role in the efforts to align catheterization laboratory practices across YNHHS Delivery Networks.

I would like to thank the search committee for their outstanding efforts: Drs. Rachel Lampert (Chair), Tariq Ahmad , Jeremy Asnes, Elizabeth Fletcher, James Freeman, Richard Formica, Parul Gandhi, , Raul Guzman, Arthur Seltzer, Mehran Sadeghi, and Lynn Tanoue.

Please join me in congratulating Jeptha on his important new role.

Submitted by Elisabeth Reitman on March 21, 2022