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We Cannot Wait to Support the Health of Women

July 10, 2022

These days, you do not have to look far to see troubling signs about the health of American women.

Beyond the headlines indicating women’s health and rights are under siege in a way they have not been for 50 years are other reminders that fundamental inequities in women’s health must be addressed.

Examples abound, but one, an April 2022 Commonwealth Fund study, found that, compared with other high-income countries, women of reproductive age in the United States have the highest rates of death from avoidable causes and are also among the highest in mental health needs.

These disturbing realities are the modern legacy of age-old inequities.

For nearly 25 years, Women’s Health Research at Yale has successfully initiated, led, and funded efforts to address gaps in research, knowledge, treatment, and medical education. For nearly 25 years, WHRY has successfully challenged inequitable traditions in order to guarantee that sex-and-gender differences are studied, learned from, and taken into account whether in diagnosis, treatment, or policymaking. This work does not take place in a vacuum, and it does not happen without the commitment of our supporters.

The foundations and the individuals who contribute to WHRY understand the unique and necessary role the center plays in identifying and funding the studies that explore innovative solutions to the health issues women face. They understand the center’s capacity to attract and assemble the world’s leading research and clinical experts, the center’s proven success at forming interdisciplinary research teams, and its informed and compelling voice in advocating for health equity.

Our supporters invest in WHRY’s mentorship of new researchers. They invest in WHRY’s ability to identify the skills and focus needed to expand this work and ensure implementation of new approaches to clinical care. They see the proven value in communicating the results of our research to the medical community and the general public. And, finally, our supporters underwrite WHRY’s partnership with the policy lab Elevate in order to leverage data-driven solutions to benefit women and families living in underserved communities.

To continue this work, every dollar counts.

Even as threats to the health of women accelerate, WHRY will continue to outpace them by trusting the science. And by putting our faith in the education of researchers, practitioners, and the public alike.

With my appreciation for your generosity,

Barbara M. Riley

Philanthropy Chair

Submitted by Rick Harrison on June 23, 2022