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The Importance of Copywriting in Online Advertising

February 12, 2013

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of advertising. The design draws peoples’ attention but the message is what persuades the user to act. The two most popular types of online advertising are Display and Search/Pay per click ads. Display ads are eye-catching banners that display on websites. They use a combination of imagery and text and can be animated or static. Search/Pay per click ads only include text and are used in conjunction with search engines. These ads appear when a user searches specific keywords. Google AdWords is the most popular product for search/pay per click advertising.

Online ads are generally small and do not have room for lots of copy. When creating your message be sure to keep it simple. The term "less is more" is especially true here. Avoid trying to cram too much information into a small space; text that is hard to read isn’t very effective. Focus on getting one or two key ideas across. You only have a few moments to grab a person’s attention so make sure the message is clear and compelling. You should also include a Call to Action (commonly referred to as a CTA). This is typically a button/graphic /text, such as "learn more", "book a trip" or "call now", that motivates the user to take action. The CTA should give clear and concise direction. It should also stand out from the rest of the banner and grab people’s attention. Don’t underestimate the importance having a CTA. A strong call to action greatly increases the likelihood of people clicking on a banner.

Submitted by Mark Santore on February 13, 2013