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The Elias E. Manuelidis Memorial Fund Research Grant Opportunity

August 08, 2023

The Section of the History of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine invites applications for the Elias E. Manuelidis Memorial Fund Research Grant. This is a program, open to all Yale students, to support research in the History of Medicine with an emphasis on issues of discrimination and social justice.

The endowment stipulates that the broad emphasis of research projects in the History of Medicine eligible for support should be on “ethics and discrimination, with a focus on treatment of the mentally ill, the poor, women, minorities, prisoners or the elderly in societies from ancient to current times."

Ordinarily grants will not exceed $1,300, and applications for more modest funding are welcome. Travel for research must adhere to Yale University policy. Support may be used to help defray such direct research costs as photocopying, purchasing microfilms, and obtaining scans from archives, as well as travel that is in accordance with University’s policies. Research should be completed by August 31, 2024, and applications for retroactive funding will not be considered.

Applications should be brief (under two single-spaced pages) and should include a clear statement of the research project, a breakdown of the total estimated costs, a schedule for the performance of the research, and a statement of how much support may be expected from the University or other sources. Applications should also briefly but explicitly explain how the research project addresses issues of discrimination, ethics, and social justice that are the priorities of the Elias E. Manuelidis Memorial Fund. Along with the application, please attached a current CV.

Students awarded a research grant will be required to abide by the University’s rules governing such grants. Reimbursement for expenses incurred will be provided upon the submission of a travel report with receipts to Kathleen Keenan, Department Administrator, History of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine.

Applications should be submitted electronically to the chair of the selection committee, John Harley Warner, c/o Kathleen Keenan

The deadline for applications is October 14, 2023.

Submitted by Patricia Brunetto on August 08, 2023