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Thank You, Chiefs

June 03, 2018
by Mark David Siegel

Hello everyone:

Wow, is another year really gone? We were well into our last weekly session with Tom, Danielle, Jackie, Max, and Chris, before I realized it was our finale.

Our weekly Chiefs’ meetings have expanded dramatically since I became Program Director. At first, we caucused frantically with the Chiefs and APDs on Thursday mornings—over muffins, bagels, and coffee—before rushing to Grand Rounds. Once we realized there were too many issues to cover in a brief session, we moved the meetings to Thursday afternoons, beginning at 1P and continuing until we’re done.

The meetings are intense. We discuss confidential, sensitive issues. We solve coverage puzzles so everyone can attend the masquerade ball and graduation, and as many people as possible can attend retreats. We balance priorities, ensuring we don’t compromise patient care or impose unfairly on colleagues, so residents can attend weddings, celebrate holidays, and present research at conferences. We tweak floor structures, plan difficult conversations, and discuss ways to help struggling residents.

If I have any regrets about this year it’s that I waited until the last weekend to reflect upon the dedication and accomplishments of our departing chiefs. They’ve worked incredibly hard and their dedication to our program was deep and sincere. They do most of their finest work behind stage, but the show would flop without them. They deserve an ovation.

Danielle, Jackie, Max, Tom, and Chris: thank you for the spectacular morning reports, the phenomenal CPCs, and the powerful M&Ms. Thank you for being clinical role models and for holding us to high standards. Thank you for navigating the most difficult scheduling year we’ve ever had and for handling the unavoidable perma-pulls with clarity and grace. Thank you for embracing feedback and for giving me feedback when I needed to be a better Program Director. Thank you for making us proud with your magnificent Grand Rounds. Thank you for leading another exceptional intern recruitment. Thank you for promoting resident wellness. And most of all, thank you for ceaselessly advocating for the residents. You never lost sight of our mission- you made us better physicians, and you inspired us by showing us what a privilege it is to practice medicine at this great institution.

On the behalf of the residency, thank you for everything. You’re leaving us better than we’ve ever been- smart, idealistic, energized, and optimistic. We couldn’t be more grateful, and we wish you well as you move on to fellowship.

In gratitude,


PS See you Thursday night at Graduation!


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on June 03, 2018