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Read the Latest Issue of YJBM on Bioethics

October 06, 2022

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (YJBM) September 2022 issue on Bioethics has been published on PubMed Central. This YJBM focus issue features articles on the overlap of moral and ethical concerns in medicine. We present articles ranging from original contributions on surrogate pregnancy to perspectives pieces on resource allocation in clinical settings.

Highlights of the issue include an original contribution by Martin-Willett et al., who collected data from Spanish-speaking communities on cannabis use. Latino/Hispanic groups have been starkly underrepresented and ignored in cannabis and health research—Martin-Willett et al. aim to bridge some of the knowledge gap for Spanish speakers by researching cannabis usage patterns and perceptions.

A perspectives piece by Elaine Louden, MPH, discusses the disproportionate burden of COVID-19 upon people in low- and middle-income countries and examines possible ways forward in correcting global vaccine inequity. Louden concludes the piece by recommending two possible strategies of technology transfers and intellectual property waivers to emphasize democratization in COVID-19 vaccine production.

We also present a perspectives piece from Swedish authors Gustavsson and Björk on the ethics of resource allocation of PrEP (preexposure prophylaxis) for HIV in a priority setting. They examine the ethical responsibility and outcomes that providers face when prioritizing supplies for PrEP.

Last, we present an important perspectives piece by Gloeckler et al. who explore the application of digital technology in assisting patients in making their advance directives. For both providers and patients, talking about end-of-life wishes can be difficult—sometimes not occurring at all. Gloeckler et al. examine how technology might mitigate these issues to assist with important end-of-life decisions so that patients’ received care matches their preferred care.

Read the entire YJBM archive for free on PubMed Central. The YJBM is open-access for all.

Deputy Editors of this issue: Sofia Charania (Yale School of Medicine) and Cecelia Harold (Yale School of Medicine).

Submitted by Robert Forman on October 06, 2022