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PD Vacation

April 23, 2023
by Mark David Siegel

Hi everyone,

Program Directors can’t escape real life, even on vacation. Text messages trail me to remote places, even with my phone on “do not disturb.” In theory, I could shut down completely, but not really.

Over the past week, I’ve checked in every day with my mom because we worry about each other. On Thursday, I woke at dawn to watch Ann’s Grand Rounds, sipping dark coffee on a sunny terrace, caressed by a soft breeze. I tackled some emails to avoid facing a mountain when I return. I communicated with the Rising Chiefs to answer questions about the schedule. I checked in with Yellow Block residents to see how they were doing after being threatened at the NHPCC.

But it was mostly vacation. Sandy Zaeh and Isabel Bazan covered my inbox, Zach Harris traded a Step Down Unit rotation with me, and Sofia Cruz covered a weekend so I could visit her country. I knew the Chiefs and APDs would lead with skill and wisdom, and I knew the residents would make us proud as they always do There was no reason to worry.

I needed to clear my head, which can’t happen with my packed work schedule. As Alex Heard advised, I read books. We explored Guadalajara, Tequila, Tlaquepaque, Querétaro, Mexico City, and Oaxaca. We strolled through agave fields, visited art and anthropology museums, watched street dancers, studied wall murals, and climbed pyramids. We smelled freshly cooked tortillas and tropical fruit. We tasted chilaquiles, tacos al pastore, conchas, tamales, Café de Olla, hot chocolate, agua fresca, mango paletas, horchata, tejate, tequila and mezcal, mole, and even saltamontes and hormigas. Most importantly, we were together as a family.

For the past week, I’ve been on a PD vacation- not completely away but almost. Today, we’re flying home, and tomorrow morning I’ll join Evi, Derrick, and Brian on the MICU Blue Team.

See you soon,


P.S. What I’ve been reading:

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Submitted by Mark David Siegel on April 24, 2023