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Patient Priorities Care Receives $3 Million Grant to Expand

March 06, 2023

Patient Priorities Care (PPC) received a renewal grant from The John A. Hartford Foundation to expand their work. PPC is an evidence-based approach to health care that centers decision making around each patient’s health priorities, specific health outcome goals and care preference.

In this third grant since 2015, PPC aims to train 20,000 health professionals in practicing patient priorities-aligned decision making and care and increase the number of older adults identifying their health priorities and receiving care aligned with these priorities.

The grant, which is under the direction of Mary Tinetti, MD, Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics), provides nearly $3 million dollars total over a three-year period.

“We’re intent on making care better both for older adults and for the health professionals who care for them,” says Tinetti. “Older adults receive a lot of health care, but much of that care is burdensome, and it’s unclear what will be the most beneficial. Patient Priorities Care was developed to address that problem by centering care on what matters most to patients.”

Developed by a team of clinicians, patients, care partners, and health system leaders, PPC is appropriate for everyone, but most helpful for older adults managing multiple chronic conditions. It provides tailored care that addresses what matters most to them.

“The John A. Hartford Foundation has been the leader in supporting efforts to improve the health care of older adults,” says Tinetti. “One of their major efforts is helping all health care systems become age-friendly. Patient Priorities Care fits into their vision by addressing the core of what Matters Most to older adults.”

Along with expanding training, the PPC team intends to forge partnerships with organizations, health systems, and programs to increase spread and integration of PPC into care; adapt and disseminate PPC for vulnerable and underserved populations; and optimize resources, tools, and technical assistance to foster adoption and sustainability of PPC.

Patient Priorities Care (PPC) offers evidence-based tools and resources to help patients, care partners, and clinicians focus decision-making and healthcare on what Matters Most: patients’ own health priorities. Patient Priorities Care is suitable for any patient, but especially older adults managing multiple chronic conditions. PPC is a Yale research project from the Department of Internal Medicine’s Section of Geriatrics, led by co-creator Mary Tinetti, MD, who is the principal investigator on the research grant. PPC is now focusing efforts on spreading awareness and training clinicians across the U.S.

Submitted by Crystal Gwizdala on March 07, 2023