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Online Booking Available for Lactation Room for YSM Faculty, Students, and Staff

June 15, 2023

The newly named Lactation Room (formerly known as the Mother's Room) at Yale School of Medicine is now available to reserve online. Thanks to the generosity of members of the YSM class of ’77, the facility has been renovated to provide a comfortable space for lactating individuals.

Located in Sterling Hall of Medicine (SHMC E03), the Lactation Room is open for booking via the online reservation system. This convenient online platform allows all faculty, students, and staff to reserve their preferred time slot. Three private rooms (A,B,C) within the SHMC E03 location are available. 

Any questions regarding the YSM Lactation Room may be directed to Cindy Crusto, PhD, associate dean for gender equity and director of the Office for Women in Medicine and Science.

Submitted by Jasree Peralta on June 15, 2023