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Natalie Smith, RDN, CSO, in recognition of National Cancer Prevention Month

February 05, 2024

In recognition of National Cancer Prevention Month, Oncology Dietitian, Natalie Smith, RDN, CSO, shared this information on how we can make cancer prevention a priority in our daily lives.

How can we prioritize cancer prevention in our daily lives?

The most effective way to tackle any goal (especially health goals) is to start small and set realistic expectations. As an Oncology Dietitian, I work with patients daily on implementing simple and sustainable changes that lead to lifelong lifestyle modifications. Through research, the American Institute for Cancer Research has identified specific lifestyle changes we can make day-to-day to reduce our risk of many types of cancer.

Some of those recommendations include reducing or avoiding alcohol consumption, limiting our intake of red meat, avoiding processed meats, choosing more plant-based foods, and incorporating more exercise. If you’re looking to make small changes that have a big impact on cancer risk reduction, try setting goals such as limiting alcohol to 1-2 drinks per week, filling half of your plate with fruits or vegetables at least 2 out of 3 meals per day, replacing processed meats (ie deli meat, bacon, sausage) with nut butters, hummus, tuna or grilled chicken, or simply trying to walk 10-15 minutes 3x week. There are definitely factors we cannot control when it comes to cancer risk, but when it comes to nutrition and physical activity, we can make a huge difference.

Submitted by Eliza Folsom on February 05, 2024