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May '23 Controller's Office Reminders

May 01, 2023

New RFP Template – Yale Medicine

In February, Yale Medicine published an updated RFP template. This version, located on the YSM Finance site, should now be used to submit business plans to the Shared Authorization Committee. Updates include: the use of FY2024 fringe rates, updated over the pension cap and NIH pension cap amounts, and a change in locating published indirect rates.

Procedure 3215 PR.01 Yale Purchasing Card Procedure – Update

As noted in the Business Update from March 22, 2023, procedures related to Policy 3215 Yale Purchasing Card, were updated. Updates include the introduction of a new commodity category with its own associated standard PCard limits: publishing fees, and clarification of the process for requesting both temporary and permanent PCard limit increase exceptions.

Amazon Tips

Tipping on Amazon purchases is allowed so long as the tips are normal and customary, meaning that the tip is reasonable and supported by a legitimate business purpose. Furthermore, for sponsored awards, tipping is only permitted when allowable per the grant agreement. Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects for additional questions regarding sponsored awards.

Accounts Receivable Roles in Workday

As communicated by the YSM Controller’s Office on April 27, 2023, it has been noted that department business offices are granting staff roles related to accounts receivable (including AR Customer roles) in Workday.

All billing for YSM is performed through a centralized function within the YSM Controller’s Office only.

Please note that these following Workday roles are restricted to the YSM Centralized Billing team and are not to be delegated to any staff in your department:

  • Cost Center AR Billing Specialist
  • Cost Center AR Customer Contract Specialist
  • Cost Center AR Customer Writeoff Specialist
  • Cost Center AR Invoice Specialist

ISPADJ Journal Source - Restricted charging to sponsored awards and updated controls

As noted in the Business Update from March 8, 2023, moving charges from the journal source of a restricted USP to a non-restricted journal source, such as ISPADJ, is not permitted. Procedure 1410 PR.03 describes the appropriate use of the ISPADJ journal source.

USP Monthly Revenue Ledger Account Reconciliation Requirement

As noted in the Business Update from March 15, 2023, a monthly reconciliation is now required to be performed as part of the month-end close for USP activity. This reconciliation will include reconciling revenue from the USP’s subledger (whether manual or paper-based, Excel-based, or a software billing system) to Workday to ensure completeness and accuracy of the USP activity. This requirement has been added to Procedure 1410 PR.03University Service Providers: Accounting and Billing.

USPs that charge sponsored awards are expected to be compliant and able to demonstrate compliance by December 31, 2023. All other USPs are expected to be compliant and able to demonstrate compliance by June 30, 2024. Quality Assurance checks will be performed by the university Controller’s Office and YSM Controller’s Office.

University standards and best practices for the monthly revenue ledger account reconciliation can be accessed through the Accounting Manual in the USP Revenue Ledger Account Reconciliations guidance . A USP Revenue Reconciliation Template is also available for use as a best practice.

Industry Clinical Trials (FD29) Deficit Balances

While the YSM Controller’s Office facilitates the inactivation and the residual balance transfer process for industry clinical trials (FD29), it does not manage industry clinical trials accounts, in general, and does not have access to the OnCore system. The Sponsored Projects Financial Administration (SPFA) team sets up these clinical trials in Workday. In addition, departments are able to clear deficit balances with unrestricted funds on their own using ledger account 92020: Transfers between Operating funds with spend category SC713: Transfer of Residual Clinical Trials Balances.

Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on May 31, 2023