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Goings and Comings

January 14, 2017

Hi everyone:

After serving four years as Associate Program Director for Ambulatory Education, Iga Stepczynski left New Haven in December to become Outpatient Firm Chief at the Yale-Waterbury Residency. Iga contributed to our program in countless ways. She chaired our Clinical Competency Committee and advised scores of residents. Iga designed our ambulatory block schedule and injected creativity into its academic half days. Among her most popular efforts were neighborhood walks and visits to the British Art Museum. Iga’s dedication to resident well-being knew no limits. I benefitted immensely from her clear thinking, wisdom and counsel. Please join me in thanking Iga for her dedication and lasting contributions. We wish her great success in her new position.

We are exceedingly privileged to have recruited a gifted new Associate Program Director for Ambulatory Education, Jane Andrews. Jane received her MPH and MD from Johns Hopkins in 2010 and 2011, respectively, and completed residency at Tulane in 2014. Jane won the Resident-of-the-Year award in 2014 and the C. Thorpe Ray Faculty award in 2016, given to the top internal medicine faculty member. She was the Director and Founder of Tulane’s Advocacy and Leadership Track. Her interests include the treatment of Hepatitis C, pain management, and the interaction between climate change and health. She is committed to advocacy through her work in environmental public health and access to medications. She is a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Amnesty International. Jane will take over as Academic Advisor to Dr. Stepczynski’s residents and will precept in the PCC and attend on Generalist. She brings enormous spirit and energy to her new position. Please give Jane a warm hello when you see her!

Finally, we will be welcoming three exceptional residents as PGY2 transfers in June 2017. You already know two because they completed their internships with us in 2015-16. Eileen Harder, a graduate of Yale Medical School, is coming home after a year in Therapeutic Radiology, and Cathy Gao, a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine, will return after a year in Neurology. Hayley Israel, a graduate of Columbia P&S, will join us after she completes her internship this year at New York-Presbyterian. All three are smart, accomplished, creative, and compassionate. We can’t wait to welcome them into our family.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this moment to note how fortunate we are to have recruited such talented women into our program. Just a generation ago, when I was training, women represented a small minority of most medical school classes and residencies. My residency didn’t have a single female Chief until I was a PGY3. We’ve come a long way since then, and our recruitment of Jane, Eileen, Cathy, and Hayley tells me we’re still progressing towards a more richly diverse, inclusive, and welcoming training program.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take this moment to note how fortunate we are to have recruited such talented women into our program.

Enjoy your Sunday- I’m on my way to round in the MICU!


Submitted by Mark David Siegel on January 15, 2017