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Form 1301 FR.01 & Form 1410 PR.03

February 27, 2023

Form 1301 FR.01

Updates to Form 1301 FR.01 Request to Transfer Residual Balance from Sponsored Awards are currently in progress. Proposed updates to the form include a distinction between the necessary steps and items for closing sponsored award balances (FD02/FD28) versus industry clinical trial balances (FD29).

Clinical Trials Closures

Upon the completion of the modified Form 1301 FR.01 Request to Transfer Residual Balance from Sponsored Awards, the YSM Controller’s Office will begin an initiative to close clinical trials balances that remain in Workday for closed awards.

The Clinical Trials to Review for Close – Yale report to will be used in the YSM Controller's Office's communications with the departments. Note: Departments can run this report as well.

The YSM Controller’s Office recommends running this report as soon as possible in preparation for upcoming outreach. Departments should be reviewing balances at this time and clearing any deficits for trials that have ended prior to fiscal year-end 2022. Contact with questions.

1410 PR.03 University Service Providers (USP): Accounting and Billing

The USP Operating Committee is currently working on modifying 1410 PR.03 University Service Providers: Accounting and Billing to include a section on USP Monthly Revenue Ledger Account Reconciliations. The addition of this topic to the procedure aligns with improvement on internal controls and ensures that each USP is actively reviewing their associated ledger accounts for accuracy and completeness.

Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on February 28, 2023