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Comfort Ability Workshop for Ages 10-17 to be Hosted by Yale Child Study Center on Sunday, Sept. 29

August 09, 2019

This is a one-day group workshop for kids with pain and their caregivers. It will be held Sunday, Sept. 29, at a TBD location on the Yale School of Medicine campus.

It is designed to help children age 10-17 with chronic or recurrent pain, and their caregivers, learn strategies to better manage pain and improve day-to-day function.

Kids with chronic or recurrent pain lasting 3 months or longer are able to participate. Example conditions include headache, abdominal pain, widespread joint pain, and complex regional pain syndrome.

Kids will:

  • Connect with peers who also have pain Learn mind-body strategies for managing pain and pain-related stress
  • Develop an individual coping plan for improved pain management

Caregivers will:

  • Learn caregiver-based strategies that promote child comfort
  • Understand how to create a plan to support improved function at home and school
  • Obtain resources for additional pain management support

To learn more and register: (203) 737-5892

This one-day program runs approximately every other month on a weekend from 10 am – 5 pm. Please call or email to learn more. Cost is $300, scholarships are available. Space is limited.

Submitted by Robert Forman on August 09, 2019