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CHIL Lab at Yale Center for Medical Informatics

March 07, 2021

As part of the National Library of Medicine’s Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Research Training program at Yale Center for Medical Informatics, the Consumer Health Informatics Lab (CHIL) is a research space dedicated to the development and evaluation of consumer-facing health products.

Our mission is to improve the health of individuals by supporting innovative research through consultation on equitable deign and usability testing of consumer health products for diverse populations. We are committed to assisting investigators in the development of applications and wearables that empower users to manage their own health, and facilitates patient-provider communication and shared decision making. 

The CHIL provides NLM fellows with training in formal usability testing, including the cognitive walkthrough think-aloud method, how to use eye tracking technology, and qualitative analysis and interpretation of eye tracking data through rotations and consultations. Fellows will also gain expertise in user-centered design of consumer health products through attending workshops hosted at CHIL. This training is important in preparing fellows to be able to design and implement formal usability studies which are vital in ensuring that consumer health products are intuitive; improving user satisfaction and engagement which is essential to the success of health interventions.

Submitted by Charles C Lu on March 08, 2021