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Center for Cellular and Molecular Imaging: Call For Proposals

April 20, 2022

Dear YSM Community,

The CCMI core will be granting a complimentary month of use to qualified users on three of our microscopes. The schedule will be as follows:

June, 2022: Bruker Opterra Swept Field Microscope. This is a high-speed confocal system that is ideal for short or long time-course studies of living cells and systems. Proposals due May 15, 2022.

July, 2022: Bruker Luxendo Light Sheet Microscope. This machine is ideal for capturing and reconstructing images from large data sets, such as whole organs or embryos. Proposals due June 15, 2022.

August, 2022: Bruker Vutara Single Molecule Localization Super Resolution Microscope. This is the highest resolution light microscope in our facility. It can resolve down to 20 nm. Proposals due July 15, 2022.

More descriptions of the microscopes can be found on our website:

Your proposal should include:

1. A detailed description of the experiment including samples, dyes etc.

2. Why do you feel this specific microscope will benefit your work?

3. What is the goal of the study?

4. How many experiments/imaging sessions would you anticipate needing?

Proposals should be submitted to and will be reviewed by CCMI staff to determine suitability.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Al Mennone, MS, Technical Director

Michael H Nathanson, MD, PhD, Director

Submitted by Isabella Backman on April 20, 2022