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Brain Food: Event series to showcase neuroscience at Yale

April 23, 2015
by Lindsay Borthwick

A new event series — Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours — aims to highlight brain research at Yale and will launch on Wednesday, April 29. The inaugural gathering will bring together Yale researchers from across campus who study the science of decision making, one of the most exciting topics in neuroscience today.

“With the Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours, we want to create an informal and highly interdisciplinary forum to promote neuroscience on campus,” said Marvin Chun, professor of psychology and the series' coordinator.

Chun and his co-organizers, David McCormick, professor of neurobiology and vice director of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience at Yale, and Marina Picciotto, professor of psychiatry, aim to attract undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty to the event.

The first Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hour will bring together six Yale faculty members from the Yale School of Medicine, Yale College and the Yale School of Management to discuss how the brain makes decisions and the consequences of those decisions. Presentations will be short and casual, in the style of a TED talk.

The presenters will be:

  • Greg Samanez-Larkin (Psychology)
  • Ifat Levy (Comparative Medicine)
  • Steve Chang (Psychology)
  • Laurie Santos (Psychology)
  • Nick Barberis (School of Management)
  • Daeyeol Lee (Neurobiology)

To learn more about the event, visit:

Two more Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours are scheduled for the fall of 2015 and will focus on music and the brain and machine learning in neuroscience.

Submitted by YSM Web Group on April 23, 2015