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Beatrix: Review Publications for Your Faculty Profile

November 13, 2022

Learn about approving your publications that are imported through

Each night when the system syncs with, anyone with new publications to review will receive an email from The link will take you to the “Pending” tab on your Publications page where you should accept or reject the publications found in the last import from a broad set of databases.

For each publication in the list, click the green “check” icon to approve or the red “no” icon to reject.

Approved publications will automatically appear on your web profile and in your CV (when regenerated).

Rejected publications will be moved to the “Rejected” tab. Don’t worry – if you accidentally reject a publication, you can change its status to accepted.

If you’re seeing many publications in the Pending tab that are not yours, you are missing many publications, or see no publications at all, please reach out to so that we can adjust your import settings.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on November 14, 2022