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Beatrix: Key Features of the News Module

November 13, 2022

Best practices for entering internal articles to the news system.

While the basic data fields for entering an internal news article will look familiar to experienced news editors there are a number of features in Beatrix that will make entering your article easier and improve the impact of your story through SEO and reader engagement.

New interface: Single page for data entry

You will now find all the sections for data entry on one page, making it easier to edit your article and allow you to edit from a mobile device or tablet. (You will especially appreciate this when you get a priority summons to fix typos after hours!)

Best practice: Use the Call to Action link

Call to Action (CTA) links appear as a blue bar at the end of the article and are used to lead the reader to related content on YSM and Yale Medicine websites. This encourages our readers to more fully engage with our content and work and also improve our SEO (search engine optimization) — a win-win for communications efforts.

For example, if you’re writing an article about an upcoming conference, you may want to use the CTA link to point to a registration page. If you’re writing an article about a notable research discovery, you may want to link to your department’s research page on your website so readers can learn more.

New feature: Add events in related content

The related content section has always facilitated including links to journal publications, related websites and documents. Now ,you can also enter events that have been entered into the calendar. You might use this feature to associate an article with an upcoming conference or talk. Or, if your site has a calendar of past events you and the videos are linked to the event, you could include this on your conference coverage article.

New Feature: Full integration of photos into the media library

Images loaded into news articles will now be added to the media library as videos and audio files are. This means you only have to enter images once and you may reuse them. You may also choose to share your images with all other Beatrix users by selecting “Anyone may use this media,” or prevent others from being able to reuse your image by selecting “Only I may use.”

Clicking on the My Media button allows you to reuse your own images.

Tip: Do not use any special characters in file names, i.e. /, *, (), [], ?, ! as the image or media files will not render properly in the article.

If you want to restrict images, video or audio in the Media Library to use by your department but allow other members of your team to access or edit them, use the Administrators button to allow them access.

If you don’t have an image for your article or clip, you can also search the public library for an appropriate image. The library includes Yale photos and stock art and has a search tool. If you are entering images into the library with the intent of sharing, please use descriptive titles and meta content so that they will be accessible via search.

PLEASE NOTE: The minimum image size for news articles in 1920 pixels wide.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on November 14, 2022