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Beatrix: Introducing the Dashboard and Notifications

November 13, 2022
by Denise Meyer and Mark Albis

Information on Beatrix, YSM's new News and Profile system.

When you first log into Beatrix, YSM’s information hub for people profiles, news, events and more, you will land on the dashboard. The first section will show you drafts of news and calendar entries that were left unpublished.

The second section will alert you to items that you need to accept or reject in either your profile or organization. For example, faculty members will often see publications matched with them from to accept or reject. Calendar and News administrators will see events and news stories that have been suggested to their listings because of tagged faculty members, keywords, and departments in the event or article.

Notifications will be sent daily through email to further alert you to items that need review. You will also be notified when an embargoed (or scheduled) news story has published, when a video you have uploaded to the Media Library has finished encoding, and other information that’s pertinent to your work in Beatrix.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on November 14, 2022