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De Figueiredo on Advisory Committee at 25th World Congress of International College of Psychosomatic Medicine

October 14, 2019

John M. de Figueiredo, MD, ScD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, was a member of the International Advisory Committee of the 25th World Congress of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine which took place in Florence, Italy, on September 11-13, 2019.

De Figueiredo chaired a lecture on “Cardiovascular Psychosomatics” and a symposium on “From the Community to the Bedside: Innovative Research on Demoralization." He also gave a presentation on “Demoralization in Parkinson Disease” and was discussant of a case presentation on “The Unnamed Symptom: A Psychosomatic Approach."

De Figueiredo is an internationally known expert in clinical and cultural psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology. A Board certified psychiatrist, he is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Fellow of the American Psychopathological Association and American College of Epidemiology, member of Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Society) and Overseas Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine of England.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on October 14, 2019