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Hinchcliff is New Director of Yale Scleroderma Program

February 12, 2019
by Julie Parry

Monique Hinchcliff, MD, MS, was named director of the Yale Scleroderma Program. Hinchcliff leads an established multidisciplinary team of expert physician-scientists with an interest and expertise in systemic sclerosis, also called scleroderma. Hinchcliff joins the existing scleroderma care team of pulmonologists Danielle Antin-Ozerkis, MD; Mridu Gulati, MD; Erica Herzog, MD, PhD; and Inderjit Singh, MBChB, BMedSci, MRCP; cardiologist Edward Miller, MD, PhD; dermatologists Ian Odell, MD, PhD; and Brett King, MD, PhD; and gastroenterologists Amir Masoud, MD, MBBS, and Mayra Sanchez, MD. Patients receive comprehensive care at three Yale New Haven Health (YNHHS) sites, the North Haven Interventional Immunology Center, and the Winchester Chest Center and 40 Temple Street Clinic in New Haven. Plans are underway to bring the program under one roof.

The team provides coordinated, multidisciplinary, and compassionate care for patients with a wide array of scleroderma clinical manifestations—including lung, heart, skin, renal and gastrointestinal involvement—while addressing functional, nutritional, psychological, gynecological, urological, and/or sexual health challenges as well. The goal is improved quality of life, enhanced patient satisfaction, and better outcomes.

Hinchcliff’s program will bridge outstanding clinical and basic science research from Yale School of Medicine (YSM) with patient care through YNHHS.

“We will apply cutting-edge technologies to study biospecimens from patients who have different manifestations of scleroderma to provide unparalleled opportunities to advance treatment and one day, find a cure for this disease,” said Hinchcliff.

Patient-focused research will enable YSM physician-scientists and basic scientists to test novel hypotheses and generate compelling preliminary data that is essential for planning innovative clinical trials.

If you have a patient with scleroderma who would benefit from a coordinated, team care approach, please contact Marie Frank or complete a referral to Hinchcliff in Epic.

Submitted by Julie Parry on February 12, 2019