John Booss, MD

Professor Emeritus of Neurology; Retired National Director of Neurology for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Research Organizations


Extensive Research Description

My research and clinical work has focused on viral infections, immune responses, and host viral interactions in the nervous system. Previous work from our laboratory has focused on the immune response in the nervous system in multiple sclerosis, a rodent model for cytomegalovirus encephalitis, and the host defense response in the brain to xenogenic allograft. Previous clinical work has focused on viral encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, and HIV neurology. Present research centers on the evaluation and treatment of neurological complications of HIV infection and the evaluation of immunotherapy in multiple sclerosis. We are part of a multi- institutional national consortium for neuro-AIDS research and are part of a VHA HSR&D study of the therapy of multiple sclerosis. Health Systems: As National Director for Neurology for the Department of Veterans Affairs, I am interested in the development of national systems of subspecialty care. Six Parkinson's Disease Centers (PADRECC's) and two MS Centers of Excellence (MS-CEs) are each being organized to provide clinical care, education and to encourage research in the VA on a national scale. A recently organized ALS Registry in VHA may become a vehicle to facilitate cooperation between the VA, the NIH, and the ALS Association to advance the understanding, treatment and research into this lethal neurodegenerative disease.

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