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Smilow Cancer Hospital/Yale Cancer Center Always Remain

January 06, 2021
  • 00:00In times of great change at
  • 00:03the heart of Smilow Cancer
  • 00:05Hospital and Yale Cancer Center,
  • 00:08our commitment to safety,
  • 00:10compassionate care and
  • 00:11research excellence will always
  • 00:14remain. Our doors are open and
  • 00:16our world class cancer care and treatments
  • 00:19are providing hope for healing together.
  • 00:21While the world has slowed down and
  • 00:24our communities face new challenges,
  • 00:26this family of leaders in cancer
  • 00:28science and medicine continues to push
  • 00:31forward with breakthrough discoveries.
  • 00:33Our scientists have worked tirelessly
  • 00:35to strengthen our clinical trials and
  • 00:38the face of COVID-19 and our providers.
  • 00:41Nurses and staff have adapted new practices
  • 00:44so safety always remains the first priority.
  • 00:47Here at Connecticut,
  • 00:49only comprehensive Cancer Center,
  • 00:51our focus hinges on providing
  • 00:53patients the highest quality care.
  • 00:55While this pandemic created new
  • 00:58challenges, our main mission never
  • 01:00wavered smilow. Cancer Hospital
  • 01:02developed new understanding.
  • 01:04Lives have been saved. Heroes
  • 01:06have emerged. Hope has been found.
  • 01:09Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer
  • 01:12Center have always been here for you.
  • 01:15And that will never change.