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Closing Remarks - Human Organoids and Stem Cells as Experimental Models

March 30, 2023
  • 00:00That was fantastic. And I'm
  • 00:02sure everybody else in the
  • 00:04room is as frustrated as
  • 00:05I am that we don't have
  • 00:07time for questions.
  • 00:08So you can all descend here.
  • 00:10I think the most important job
  • 00:12that I have now is to remind
  • 00:14you that there is a QR code on
  • 00:16the back of your program. I want to
  • 00:19again thank Flora and our AV team,
  • 00:21our communications team, Ruth Montgomery
  • 00:23for a fabulous workshop.
  • 00:24Thanks so much for coming.