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Yale Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds: "Advances in Tissue-Based Cardiac Allograft Diagnostics"


Kenneth B. Margulies, MD, is a Professor of Medicine and Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Margulies received his undergraduate education at Princeton University and his medical education at Jefferson Medical College. He received specialty training in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases at the Mayo Clinic. He is board certified in these specialties as well as Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology. Since 1993, Dr. Margulies has been an active physician-scientist in Philadelphia (Temple 1993-2004, UPenn 2004-present).

Dr. Margulies' major contributions include first demonstrating the benefit of combined neprolysin plus angiotensin inhibition for heart failure, elucidation of the cell biology of myocardial recovery, helping define the integrative molecular architecture of failing human hearts, and establishing the central role of human heart tissue characterizations as a foundation for heart failure translational research.

Dr. Margulies' current research focuses on load-induced myocardial remodeling, mechanisms of myocardial failure and recovery, and related topics. His research inquiries employ human heart tissues, iPSC-derived human cardiomyocytes and engineered myocardial models, animal models and proof-of-concept clinical trials.

Dr. Margulies serves as Director of research within Penn’s heart failure and transplant program, the Director of Clinical Research throughout the Division of Cardiology at Penn. Dr. Margulies receives research funding from the National Institutes of Health and several commercial entities developing new therapeutics and diagnostics for heart failure.


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